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This  search engine is designed to give you focused and quick search results. Since we are a very small community and even smaller presence on internet, some keywords in google.com and not find any results, but searching here is guranteed to give you the results if there is a match.
Secoindly there are many websites which have been started by dushman-e-dawat. If you directly search in google there are very high chances that you will land up on the sites created by them, which will mislead you and your children.

This search engine will only search though the approved and authentic websites. This way you will can be assured that you will never land up on websites created for fitnat. Not only that you will get the search results you want.
To get the complete list of our websites, see http://www.bohranet.com/links . We have tried to include as many sites as possible and the first list is 125+ websites. Also all Jamaat websites are included in this search engine. 
           Simply search for your website in the search engine and if you do not get any results it means your website is not included. No problems,            adding your website is a child's play
Simply send email to admin@bohranet.com with your website URL. Ensure that your website should be created with Raza mubarak of Aqa Moula(TUS) OR the website representing the entity should be with Raza. Meaning if you are submitting the website of Toloba-ul-Kulliyah the website need not be created with Raza since Toloaba... organization is with Raza Mubarak.
Sure you can volunteer to this project. Anyone with little advanced internet skills can be part of this project. Send an email to <img src="email.png"/>.  Mention details like 1. Your Full Name, 2. E Jamaat ID, 3. Jamaat name and Amil Saheb Name , 4. Khidmat activites done in past.

This Search Engine is Designed by Bohra Net. For questions, comments or suggestions please email . If you want a site added to this search engine, send email to .